Veneiden reittejä Capraia

Yacht Charters Guide: the Tuscan archipelago / Capraia

Sailing around Capraia

What better way to reach the legendary isle of Capraia than by yacht? Capraia island has a wild, untamed personality; it is a bewitching island of volcanic rock with a dark, alluring colour; a natural paradise, rugged and almost untouched, with hills soaring up to 466 metres above sea level. In terms of size, it is the third largest island in the Tuscan archipelago, and stands between the coast of Italy and Corsica. It is a true pearl of the Mediterranean, among Italy’s most beautiful islands, and makes for an enchanting destination on a sailing holiday. Capraia is the westernmost of the seven islands in the archipelago, and the one closest to Corsica. A fun fact about its name: the Romans christened it “Capraia” due to its large population of wild goats, which unfortunately are now extinct. Its steep cliffs, beaches dotted along the rocky coast, its caves and wild, unspoilt nature make Capraia a special place and particularly well-loved by those seeking out a natural paradise by the sea. The island is very popular with scuba divers: its clear water and wealth of sealife make it the ideal place for diving, or even just snorkelling. Approaching the island by sea on board a yacht is truly a sight to behold: approaching the island, one discovers details of its jagged, apparently inhospitable seacoast. The history of this island dates back to 3000 B.C.: having been populated by the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, the area has plenty of tales to tell. The few residents today live around the harbour, and only 3% of the island is inhabited: the remaining 97% is divided among a national park, the area of the former prison (open from 1873 to 1986) and the rest of the area is untouched and populated by many wildlife species.

The Port and anchorages on Capraia

In the collective imagination, volcanoes are a source of inspiration and fascination. The volcanic island of Capraia has always bewitched those seeking a mysterious, fascinating land to inspired them. A boat is the most practical and certainly most poetic way to reach this particular volcanic island. It can be made out in the distance as, gliding upon the sea, swept along by the wind, one reaches the coast of Capraia. Capraia’s harbour has plenty of facilities for berthing; it is situated on the north-eastern coast, between two jetties. Among the various anchorages, make sure you don’t miss Cala Rossa, where you can see the volcano crater and experience the tangible thrill of being close to an extinct volcano. Other charming bays where yachts are immersed in striking natural scenery are: Cala Ceppo, Cala del Moreto and Cala Mortola. The central part of the western coast, specifically from Punta della Manza as far as Punta del Trattoio, is Zone A of the park; both sailing and mooring are prohibited here.

Where to charter yachts, motor boats or catamarans to sail around Capraia

All the bases in the north and centre of Tuscany are perfect for setting off on a sailing holiday around Capraia: Castiglioncello, Cecina, San Vincenzo, Salivoli, Scarlino.

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